Enjoy a day fishing


Love fishing?  This is your place to be!  Unwind completely during a wonderfull day by the riverside.  

Fishing in The Semois by Han, the Breuvanne, the Civanne, Pas de Ardelion and the Rossignol lake.

Nothing is more satisfying than relaxing fishing in the river at the campsite. Enjoy a wonderful day by /on the water. Simple fishing or fly-fishing, there is space for everyone on the Semois. Take good care of eachother of course.

Warning: barbs are prohibited

Fishing permits

You will need a fishing permit, even in the Ardennes. You can find which permit you need online, by would gladly assist you at our reception.

Permit A: Permit to fish from the river bank with maximum 2 lines 

Permit B: With this permit you are allowed to fish from the river bank but equally from a jetty, and with gear other than fishing rods. 

U are allowed to fish from half an hour before sunrise up til half ano hour after sunset. There are different rules about fishing, please do read up before you set off.  

You need 2 permits: 1 for the Walloon government and 1 for Tintigny: 1 voor de Waalse overheid en 1 voor Tintigny.

Walloon Permit

Tintigny Permit

Check the rules