Terms and conditions

1. Booking

When you make a reservation on www.chenefleur.be, you are booking directly with Camping de Chênefleur by going through the steps of the booking system. If you have questions or encounter problems when booking, you can contact Camping de Chênefleur directly via phone or email.

There is a cool-off period, or right of withdrawel in the EU in regards to distance buying ( e.g.: Buying online, over the phone or via mail.) This right of withdrawel does not apply when you rent a camping pitch or accommodation at Camping de Chênefleur. This means that any reservation you make is legally binding and final. An agreement is concluded between you and "de Chênefleur" when you receive the written confirmation with invoice of Camping de Chênefleur

2. Camping pitches

You can stay with a tent, caravan or camping car on a camping picth unless indicated otherwise. Caravans and motorhomes wider than 2.5m or longer than 8m ( including towbar) are not allowed. A maximum of 2 additional tents and 1 party tent may be set up on a camping pitch. ( there is an additional charge that will be applied) 

3. Preferred camping spot

Camping de Chênefleur tries to accommodate your wishes in the best possible way. When you book a preferred pitch, it becomes final after receipt of the written confirmation with invoice. The allocation of the preferred pitch number is only valid after paying the fee for this preference. However, if in the rare occasion the request cannot be granted the €20 preference fee will be refunded to you.

4. Payments

After receipt of the confirmation of reservation, 50% of the total invoice has to be paid within 2 weeks. The payment of the remaining amount must be received by Camping de Chênefleur 6 weeks before the date of arrival. When a booking is made within 6 weeks of the arrival date, the total amount due must be transferred wimultaniously with the reservation.If the payment terms are axceeded, Camping de Chênefleur reserves the right to charge administration costs or to cancel the reservation.

5. Prices

The prices are set on a yearly basis and stay fixed for that year, unless there are changes in the governmental taxes, unforseen VAT increases and/or obvious mistakes and printing errors.    

 When you book your stay at www.chenefleur.be you will  receive a quote on your screen. Although these prices have been entered into our system with the utmost care, the campsite reserves the right to withdraw this quote.  The total price becomes final after receipt of the written confirmation with invoice from Camping de Chênefleur. Prices are VAT inclusive. 

6. Security deposit

Rental accommodations: Camping de Chênefleur has the right to charge a security deposit for letting an accommodation. Within 10 days after departure, the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer, provided that the rental accommodation is left tidy and clean, no inventory is missing and no damage has been caused to the accommodation or the inventory.

Rental items: A security deposit may also be asked for renting products. The deposit will be refunded when these rental items are returned undamaged.

7. Changes to confirmed reservations

For changes to reservations, (i.e shortening the stay, partly cancelation) the cancellation conditions for that part apply. Alteration costs may be charged for all changes.  

8. Cancellation Policy

  1. In case of cancellation between the date of reservation confirmation and 6 weeks prior to arrival date, 50% of the invoice + reservation fee will be charged.
  2. If cancelled between 6 weeks prior to arrival date and 1 week before arrival, 90% of the full rent will be charged.
  3. Cancellation in the last week before arrival and the day of arrival will be fully charged. 
  4. If you depart earlier or arrive later than the reserved dates, no refund of payments will take place.
  5. Cancellations have to be done in writing. 

9. Cancellation and travel insurance

We advise you to take out cancelation/travel insurance. A cancellation insurance indemnifies you against the costs of cancelling the rental accommodation/camping pitch. Please consult your insurance agent or company to sing up in such insurance. 

10. Arrival and departure

You will find the arrival and departure times on the booking confirmation you received directly from Camping de Chênefleur. 

Camping: On departure, the pitch must be vacated and left clean.

Rental Accommodations: Immediately after arrival, you must report any imperfections and/or missing inventory at the reception of the Campsite. On the day of departure you must leave the accommodtaion tidy and clean.

11. Vehicles

During your stay, you are alloweds to enter the campsite with a vehicle at walking pace. 1 vehicle is allowed per camping pitch or rental accommodation. The vehicle must always be parked on your spot. It is prohibited to park on the roads of the campsite. Motorised traffic is not allowed between 10:30pm and 7:30 am.  

12. Visitors 

Your visitors must on arrival report to the reception of the campsite. Visitors pay a visitor fee and can park their vehicles in the carpark at the entrance.  

13. Animals

Depending on the accommodation or period, rules apply regarding pets. Pets must be on a leash at all times. The hygienic walks of dogs must take place outside the campsite. Pets are not allowed in some buyildings ( including sanitary buildings) Do not leave pets unattended. The owner is liable for any damages or contamination caused by the pet. The owner must ensure that their pet(s) do not cause hindrence to other guests.

14. Electricity connection

Be aware that our power supply for camper plots is provided solely for connecting EURO plugs. Always unroll electriciy cables to avoid overheating. Chênefleur cannot be held liable for any accidents or damages to camping equipment on the domain. Please use the material with due care. 

15. Swimming pool

Access to the swimming pool is reserved for tennants and campers. Any visiotrs in possession of proof of payment can enter the pool. The swimming pool regulations ( see entrance swimming pool) must be strictly observed.

16. Liability/ rules of conduct

  1. Camping de Chênefleur cannot accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury caused to or by users of the accommodation offered throughout the campsite, however such damage or injury may have arisen. Participation in activities organised by the campsite or by third parties is entirely at your own risk.
  2. Campers or users of rental accommodation must respect the rules of conduct, which the manager wishes to see observed by the guests present on this site.
  3. Campers  who have mistakenly taken the wrong spot have to move instantly. In case of confusion, contact reception. Campers or users of rental accommodation who cause nuisance or aggravation can be removed from the accommodation of the campsite after warning, without entitlement to refund or financial compensation.
  4. The company is not bound by any statements in regarding of liability of the campsite, of any employees of the campsite, in whatever position they are employed.
  5. It must be absolutely quiet on the campsite between 11:00 pm and  7:30 am. 
  6. Tennants are jointly and severally liable in the event of damages to the company's property.  

17. Promotion conditions

Discounts are calculated on the basic rental price( not on bookable/mandatory extras/ tourist taxes/electricity and or cleaning costs)

  • Exclusively for new bookings
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Limited availability variable per park and arrival dates
  • We reserve the right to amend prices; printing errors  reserved.