Activities for rainy days

Indoor activities

Here is a list of activities that can be done during rainy weather: 

In Rulles, about 8km from the campsite you find:

  • THE ARTISANALE BREWERY OF RULLES: The beers made in this brewery are character beers : 5% to 10%) without additives or herbs. All beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle and in barrels. The first fermentation process takes place in open barrels, so you can see the yeast doing its job. Worth seeking out The Brewery . Addres: Rue Maurice Grévisse 36, 5724 Habay.     Tel 0032 63 41 18 38

Rulles Brouwerij

In Messancy, about 33km from the campsite you find:

  • KOJUMP: Trampoline Parc with main court & tumbling lane, foam pit, Jump Tower and Big Bag . Opening times 10 am till 8pm                          Address: Rue d'Arlon 220, 6780 Messancy Tel:  0032 63 38 89 71 


  • DESIGNER OUTLET LUXEMBOURG : Retail Outlet Shopping with over 50 designer stores offering savings from 30% to 70% on fashion brands.    Opening times : 10 am till 7pm.             Adress: Rue D'Arlon 199   Messancy  
  • SHOPPING CENTRE CORA MESSANCY & CORA DRIVE:                            Address: Rue D'Arlon 220 Messancy Opening times : 9:30 am till 7:30pm 

In Arlon , about 23km from the campsite you find:

  • CINE ESPACE: cinema with afternoon, evening & night projections. Address: Rue de Diekirch 36 6700 Arlon.             Tel: 0032 63 22 45 62

Ciné Espace

  • ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM: This Archeological Museum features a Gallo Roman section made quite unique by its Galleria Lapidaria. The Central Gallery showcases the know-how of the artisans of the time. Further it showcases the unearthed tombs of Merovingian leaders, contemporaries of Clovis, gold jewelry, swords, vases and sacophagi.                                Address: Rue des Martyrs 13, 6700 Arlon                                           Tel: 0032 63 23 07 10                   
  • BOWLING 81 S' PACE WEYLER:    Opening times: Mo-Th: 3pm till 11pm , FR-Sa: 3pm till 2am, Sun: 11am till 8pm                                                 Address: Route de Longwy 599, 6700 Weyler                              Tel:   0032 63 23 03 80    


  • ESCAPE ROOM ARLON:  A game where they physically lock you up in a room. The goal is to escape by solving puzzles inside the timeframe of an hour. These games are excellent for teambuilding for it requires trust , teamwork and deliberation to come to a solution quickly. Equally fantastic activity to do as a family.   Open daily: 9am- 12am                                                       Address: Rue de Neufchâteau 150, 6700 Arlon                        Tel: 0032 493 07 22 02

Escape Room Arlon

  • YOYO PARC:  indoor  and outdoor playground & restaurant. More than a simple playground. It offers children a total immersion in a dreamlike unibverse that promotes the development of their intellectual facilities, their psychomotor skills as well as their sensory capacities.   Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 10am - 8pm, Sat: 9am - 10pm Address: Parc Comercial Hydrion, 6700 Arlon.                       Tel: 0032 63 22 23 17


  • BICYCLE MUSEUM: situated roughly 5 km outside Arlon. This is a private museum with a film projection hall and more than 150 pieces that retrace the fabulous history of the bicycle and some machines from the early development stages of bicycles.  By appointment only                                                                                   Address: Rue de Stehnen 44 6700 Arlon                                     Tel: 0032 63 21 72 03

In Etalle, about 6.7 km from the campsite you find: 

  • KARAQUILLOS, bowling, pizzeria, snacks. Opening times: Tue - Sat: 10:30 am till 2pm early closing 11:30am on Tue and Thu. Address: Rue de la Gare 32 6740 Etalle.                                      Tel: 0032 63 44 61 81


  • CENTRE d'ART CONTEMPORAIN du LUXEMBOURG BELGE: Contemporary Arts Centre. The CACLB organises every first Sunday of the month, during the period of the exhibitions, visits adapted for families. Visit    CACLB expositions                                                                                        Address: Rue Montauban, 6743 Etalle.                                           Tel 0032 63 22 99 85

In Luxembourg, about 41.8km from the campsite you find:

  • AQUA NAT'OUR: subtropical swimming pool, wellness centre, sauna & fitness.   Opening times: 8 am till 9pm                Address; 1A Parc, 9836 Hosingen Parc, Hosingen                  Tell: 00352 24 51 99 00

Aqua Nat'our

  • LUXEMBOURG NATIONAL MUSEUM of NATURAL HISTORY, located in Luxembourg city, is an old converted castle. It consists of eight separate science and education areas, spanning multiple areas of natural sciences, including botany, ecology, geology,mineralogy geography, astronomy, paleontology and vertebrate science. Seasonal exhibitions.        Opening times: Tue-Sun from 10am till 8pm. Free entrance from 5.30pm.                                                  Address: Rue Münster 25, L-2160 Luxembourg.                       Tel: 00352 46 22 33-1
  • LUXEMBOURG SCIENCE CENTER: The centre is situated in Differdange about 30km from  Camping De Chênefleur via the motorway E25. It is a fun and entertaining discovery center dedicated to science and technology. Nearly 100 experimental exhibits and more than 70 interactif stations, spectacular Science Shows and exciting workshops. Opening hours: weekdays from 9am till 5pm  weekend  from 10am till 6pm     Address : 1 Rue John Ernest Dolibois, 4573 Oberkom Differdange.                        Tel: 00352 28 83 99 1    Visit the  Luxembourg science center  Luxembourg Science Center

In Bastogne, about 50km from the campsite you find:

  • BASTOGNE WAR MUSEUM: Discover the history of the BAttle of the Ardennes, the "Generations45" and "Bois Jacques" the new immersive visiting experience of the Bastogne War Museum. View the prices and opening hours of the museum to prepare yourself for a visit.                                   Address: Colline du Mardasson 5, 660 Bastogne.                        Tel: 0032 61 21 02 20

War Museum

  • PICONRUE, MUSEE DE LA GRANDE ARDENNE: Join us on a journey to the heart of the ARdennes! The museum offers 3 exhibitions, photographs and documents, which provide a fascinating and varied insight into everyday life in the Ardennes today and in the past.         Address:  Place en piconrue 2, 6600 Bastogne                            Tel: 0032 61 55 00 55

In Rochefort, ongeveer 78.8km van de camping vind je:

  • CAVES OF HAN: Make a daytrip to The Grotte de Han  and experience the wonders of nature. Let yourself be guided through one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. A journey to the origin of our earth. You visit the cave, the exhibition " Prehistohan" ( thousands of years of history in one exhibition) or the wildlife park on foot or by safari car.      Address:  Rue Joseph Lamotte 2, 5580 Rochefort                   Tel: 0032 84 37 72 13

Cave of Han

  • THE LESSE BREWERY: This brewery was created after friends from the village met to enjoy a nice beer. One thing led to another and it led to the development of this well-known brewing cooperative. It once won "Best Beer of Wallonia"! Visit The Lesse Brewery for a tour of roughly 40 minutes with at the end a tasting of the four top fermented beers in a cozy brasserie.             Address: Rue du Treux 4 5580, Rochefort België                                                                          Tel 0032 84 45 75 25

Lesse Brouwerij

In Libin, about 50km from the campsite, you find: 

  • EURO SPACE CENTER: The only theme park about space in Europe! It is a science museum and educational tourist attraction in the village of Transinne. Make a family day by immersing yourself in the everyday life of space travelers with 10 activities that include spaceflight and microgravity simulators.  Visit the Euro Space Centre and book in advance for better prices   Duration of a visit is about 5 hours, minimum height restriction= 3ft6 ( 1m10).   Opening hours from 9am till 15.30pm                                                    Address:  Devant les Hêtres 1, 6890 Libin                                          Tel 0032 61 65 64 65

Euro Space Center

In Mont Saint-Martin France, about 40km from the campsite you find :

  • POLE EUROPE: Is a shopping centre with excellent range of shops, supermarket Auchan, designer boutiques, bakery Auchan and restaurants. Opening hours from 8.30 am till 9.30 pm and on Sundays from 9am till half past twelve.    Addresd: 1 avenue Europe, 54300 Mont Saint-Martin. Check here  the range of shops
  • MUSEE DU FER A REPASSER: This flatiron museum has one of the largest collections of irons in Europe. Just an opportunity to combine it with a visit to Pole Europe in Mont Saint-Martin.     Address: Rue Basse de Remparts. 54400 Longwy. Visit  Le musée des fers à repasser