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Similar to Tongeren and Doornik ( Tournay), Arlon is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. 

  • Archeological Museum: collection of the Galoo-Romans sculptures, pottery and archeological remains. 
  • Musée Gaspar: a museum dedicated to the works of the Arlon born sculpturur Jean Gaspar  (1861-1931)
  • Sint-Donatus church, situated at the top of the central hill " Knipchen". Originally the location of a castle, destroyed in 1552 by the French. The church is built on the ruins of the castle in the 17th century. 
  • Jewish cemitary, part of the communal burrial grounds. The largest jewish cemitary in Wallonia. 
  • St-Maartens church. Built between 1907 and 1914 under assignment of King Leopold II in neogotic style with a spire of 97 meters heigh.  
  • Source of the river The Semois 
  • Castle of  Barnich
  • Tank monument